Sunday, March 23, 2014

Changing your name after the Big Day!

I am going to send every bride this after her big day but in case you didn't is a step by step process of how to change your name in case you wanted to change your name.  
Get a certified copy of your marriage certificate.  In St. Tammany parish, CLICK HERE.  A certified copy should be sent to you.  But if not, contact your local Clerk of Court's office.

The granddaddy of them all...your social security card!  Visit the SSA website CLICK HERE  and fill out the correct form.  Mail it to the local office or just go there CLICK HERE to find one  in your area.  Bring every single form of state issued ID that you have available.  We are talking birth certificates, marriage certificates, old social security card and blood sample (just kidding).  You should get your new card in 10 days if apply by mail and immediately if doing so in person  
Changing your license at the DMV can be a pain but, you've got to do it especially if you want to fly anywhere with your current new last name!  Bring the same amount of state issued items to the DMV as well.  They might really want the blood just kidding.  Bring all of those items and remember to bring your check book.  Places usually don't take debit/credit cards.  

Changing your name at your bank.  This can be done online at most of your banking's websites but, if you are ordering new checks or ordering new debit cards some branches require that you arrive at their establishment.  

And the others.  Once you have a social security card and drivers license with your married name, other changes are somewhat easy.  Some require an in person signature while others could be done online or a phone call on your way home from work.  Some may require your marriage certificate (insurance).  Be sure to notify:
  • Employers/HR
  • Post Office CLICK HERE I think there is like a 1.00 fee.
  • Credit Card Companies (most likely can do this online)
  • School (for your degree if you are about to graduate)
  • Insurance Companies (I believe there is a 30 day window)
  • Doctor Offices (on your next visit is good)
  • Voter Registration Office
  • Investment Account Providers
  • Your Attorney
  • On your passport