Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

The one reason why I enjoy coordinating and planning a wedding is that moment when the ceremony just starts and you can just feel the love in the air.  I tear up every time.  It is that moment that you have been help plan for months and it is finally coming to fruition.  The Groom finally sees the Bride for the first time or when the Mom sees the Bride for the first time and the feeling that you helped create this moment for that person.  That is the awesome feeling that keeps me going all these years that I have been planning weddings.  For that day and that moment, it is truly my pleasure to help make things happen for each and every bride, groom and their family and friends to enjoy their day without hassle or worry.  Although I cannot control everything about that day, I can help make it as stress and worry free as possible.  2014 has been a great year...bring on 2015!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Say Cheese!

Capturing the glory of your perfect dress can be just this simple.  Have a picture taken in the room that you got dressed in or your hotel room or off the balcony of New Orleans.  I encourage each of you to be fearless and fun on your wedding day.  Have fun with it like these gentlemen and their bouquets.  Some of your most favorite shots will be those that are candid, unplanned and capture the essence of your day.  Be sure to take the time to enjoy the day that starts your happily ever after and the pictures will be your proof!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Changing your name after the Big Day!

I am going to send every bride this after her big day but in case you didn't is a step by step process of how to change your name in case you wanted to change your name.  
Get a certified copy of your marriage certificate.  In St. Tammany parish, CLICK HERE.  A certified copy should be sent to you.  But if not, contact your local Clerk of Court's office.

The granddaddy of them all...your social security card!  Visit the SSA website CLICK HERE  and fill out the correct form.  Mail it to the local office or just go there CLICK HERE to find one  in your area.  Bring every single form of state issued ID that you have available.  We are talking birth certificates, marriage certificates, old social security card and blood sample (just kidding).  You should get your new card in 10 days if apply by mail and immediately if doing so in person  
Changing your license at the DMV can be a pain but, you've got to do it especially if you want to fly anywhere with your current new last name!  Bring the same amount of state issued items to the DMV as well.  They might really want the blood just kidding.  Bring all of those items and remember to bring your check book.  Places usually don't take debit/credit cards.  

Changing your name at your bank.  This can be done online at most of your banking's websites but, if you are ordering new checks or ordering new debit cards some branches require that you arrive at their establishment.  

And the others.  Once you have a social security card and drivers license with your married name, other changes are somewhat easy.  Some require an in person signature while others could be done online or a phone call on your way home from work.  Some may require your marriage certificate (insurance).  Be sure to notify:
  • Employers/HR
  • Post Office CLICK HERE I think there is like a 1.00 fee.
  • Credit Card Companies (most likely can do this online)
  • School (for your degree if you are about to graduate)
  • Insurance Companies (I believe there is a 30 day window)
  • Doctor Offices (on your next visit is good)
  • Voter Registration Office
  • Investment Account Providers
  • Your Attorney
  • On your passport

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Elopement Package!!

Reduce your Wedding Stress!!!  The newest package available for you is our Prive Amour package.  You and your love are ready to start your happily ever after as soon as possible but, you don't know where to begin or do not want the hassle of the figuring out the details.  Prive Amour is the package for you!  Let Melissa Amato Events plan your specialized elopement package.   Services Include:  Officiant, Hair/Makeup (optional), Photographer (optional), Bridal Bouquet, Groom's Boutonniere, Two Well Dressed Witnesses, Venue of your Choice (Suggestions provided), Small Wedding Cake, Etiquette and Legal Advice; Event Direction; Event Day Management; Planner will be present the entire duration of the day of the elopement wedding to handle all the hassles of the day!  CONTACT ME today to set up your FREE consultation!! 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Peacock and Bling...a wonderful combination!

Oakland's Museum in Mufreesboro, TN became a bridal fairy tale come true with peacock feathers, lime green and navy for Lindsey and Willie Rust.  The blushing bride was beautiful in her white gown trimmed with rhinestones and beading and an ivory sash.  Her bouquet was adorned with peacock feathers, jewels and beautiful white flowers.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Paul Warfield on the lawn of the main house.  After ceremony pictures, the bridal party entered the reception to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke and the Bride and Groom followed afterwards.  Once the entire bridal party was on the dance floor, they did the Harlem Shake.  Their family and friends loved it!  I thought it was inventive and fun!  The bride was so thoughtful, she even provided babysitting services at the reception site for her guests!  Shortly after the Soul Train, the Bride and Groom cut the cake and it was delicious!  What a wonderful wedding for a wonderful couple!  Enjoy your happily ever after Lindsey and Willie!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sam Davis Home Wedding

Be sure to check my newly updated portfolio!  I have recently updated my portfolio to reflect the latest wedding I had the honor of coordinating in Smyrna, Tn at the Sam Davis Home. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Top 10 Etiquette Questions

1. How do you Address the Envelope?
Wedding Invitation:  The outside of the envelope is addressed to the formal names of the couple (i.e. Dr. and Mrs. Amato and family) inside the envelope is a more informal address where you address the inner envelope to each member  (Rusty, Melissa and Russell)
Save the Date: This is addressed the same way that the outside of the actual wedding invitation is addressed.
2.  How do you clarify that this is an Adult Only Reception?
The proper way to state that it is an adult only reception is to state "Adult Reception" on the actual invitation.
3. What are the responsibilities of everyone?
So, who is really responsible for what?  We live in America where the groom's family does not pay the bride's family a goat and a chicken when they are married.  So, in our society...who really pays for what? Lately, you have found that more and more people are getting married at a much older age than before so, you will find that most couples pay for their weddings all by themselves.  But, with that being said.  Here is a list of the items/services that are traditionally paid for by each side of the family. 
Bride's Family

Ceremony/Reception, Cost of Wedding Officiant, Invitations, Bridal Attire, Florist, Videographer, Musicians/DJ, Transportation, Bride's Gift to Groom and Bridal Party, Groom's Ring, Police Escort and Security needed at Venue, Accommodations for Bridal Attendants, Bridesmaid's Luncheon

Groom's Family
Bride's engagement and wedding ring, Photographer, Gift to Bride, The Officiant Fee, Marriage License, Honeymoon, Accommodations for Groom's Attendants

Bridal Party
Each responsible for their own dress/tux, shoes, jewelry, hair/makeup

4.When do you send the Thank You Notes?  And do you really have to anymore?  Can't I just email my thank you note?
Yes, you still send Thank You Notes.  You will need to send them as soon as you get back from your honeymoon or within one month after your wedding.  NO, you cannot email your thank you note.  A handwritten note is the least you can do for someone who attended your wedding and bought you a gift or at least sent a gift in their absence.  

5.What are the responsibilities of Maid of Honor?  What about the rest of the bridesmaids?
The maid of honor is the Bride's right hand woman.  You are the person who will be by her side at every dress store, cake testing, florist shop and attend every party/function held for the lovely couple.  You are the added support system that the Bride needs during this fun and exciting time of her life.  But, you are also the leader of the pack.  If there are other bridesmaids, then you will be communicating with them and coordinating the shower, parties and of course planning the bachelorette party!  Also, you may be expected to give a toast, if the bride wants you to at the reception or a reader at a church service.
The bridesmaids are responsible for helping out the maid of honor when she needs it.  You are responsible for showing up on time to every function/fitting/event and helping out whenever it is needed in whatever capacity
6.What are the responsibilities of Best Man?  What about the rest of the groomsmen?
Usually the Maid of Honor is the one who is overjoyed and excited about the wedding and willing to plan all events associated with the wedding.  You should be working with the Maid of Honor to ensure that these parties are properly planned.  If these parties are not planned out, you will need to ensure that they are.  Those parties include the wedding shower or the couple's shower.  Also, you are responsible for planning the bachelor party along with the other groomsmen.  You are also the leader of the pack.  If there are any other groomsmen, you will need to communicate with them and ensure that everyone knows the details of every party/fitting/etc... 
The Groomsmen are responsible for helping out the best man when he needs it.  You are responsible for showing up on time to every function/fitting/event and helping out whenever it is needed in whatever capacity. 

Do I have to buy a gift?
Yes, you do have to buy a gift.  If you are in the wedding, traditionally, you and the other members of the bridal party all contribute to one gift that you give the bride and groom.  If you are an out of town guest, yes you are still expected to bring a gift.  Even if you do not know the bride and groom very well, yes you are expected to bring a gift. 

Do I have to RSVP?
 Yes, Yes, Yes!  In order to have proper seating for everyone at the wedding, you must RSVP.  If you do not RSVP, the bride and groom will not expect for you to be there and there will be no seat/plate for you or your guest.  Also, only RSVP for those invited on the invitation.  Do not invite those who are not included in the invitation.
I am having a small wedding, is it wrong to ask your guests to BYOB?
Is it wrong?  No.  Is it declasse?  Yes.   In order to save money and cut corners, offer wine, beer and soft drinks.  You do not have to have a full premium bar in order to have a classy affair.
If the bride is pregnant, can she wear white?
It is her day.  Let her wear whatever color she chooses.  The tradition of wearing a white dress became popular after Queen Victoria wore it in 1840.  Before that, the color of choice!  Yes, red!  Before that, brides just chose the best dress in their closet and chose to wear that dress.  So, either you believe in the 172 year old tradition or not.  It is her day and she can wear hot fuchsia pink if that makes her feel like the prettiest bride on her day. 

Do you have any other questions, please feel free to post here or email me directly.