Monday, July 16, 2012

LIVE is so HOT right now.

LIVE decor is the one of the hottest trends in event planning for the season.  Live decor can be defined as anything live that you would use as decor.  But the most memorable experience at any event is live decor where people are hired for a variety of roles to play.  For instance, if you have a Toga Party then the guests will always remember the party that had live people dressed as Greek Gods and Goddess Statues posing throughout the night.

Certain businesses have caught onto this trend and it has proved successful.  The other day, I visited the Cool Springs Mall in Nashville, Tn..  Cache had a model wearing the latest formal for the season standing in the window.    I simply had to look twice or four times just to see if that was a human or mannequin.  Smart...very smart.

This is in no way a new concept but, it is a rapidly growing trend.  I foresee this trend expanding in the future.